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BATH FITTER offers bath and shower remodeling solutions in South Windsor, Old Saybrook, and beyond


According to Money® magazine, one of the best returns on your remodeling investment is achieved when you remodel your bathroom.  Whether you plan to sell or remain in your home for years to come, once you’ve decided to take on this
sometimes daunting task you’ll need to explore your available options.

Upon finding a qualified and licensed home improvement contractor you are comfortable with, consult with their professionals to assist in selecting products that fit into your budget as well as your bathroom.  You should fully understand the costs and scope of the work required, and its associated timeframe.  Most remodeling doesn’t happen overnight.

Your budget may only permit a partial remodel, so set your priorities.  If your tub is leaking into your downstairs living room, fight the urge to buy a new vanity, countertop or toilet.  First things first!  Cosmetic changes, although pleasing to the eye, will not fix your leak. Indeed, most bathroom renovations are done from necessity, not for appearance.

There are other options available instead of a complete gut-out (removing your tub, and all the fixtures and undertaking a complete re-do).  This process can take several weeks or months, depending on the extent of the renovation.  This can be problematic if your home has only one full bath - although it could be an opportunity to get to know your neighbors really well!  The idea of prolonged disruption in your home - with contractors practically living with you – can sound intimidating.  In addition, the coordination of multiple sub-contractors being used on one large project usually cause confusion and delays in the process.  For example, the plumber can’t do his part until the carpenter is done and he’s on another job, etc., etc., so things get delayed at your expense.

One less time-consuming and less costly option would be to have an acrylic tub or shower base liner installed over your existing tub or shower area, including your walls and ceiling.  Encapsulating the entire tub and shower area makes it water tight and leak- free.  It would be wise to have your existing plumbing fixtures updated at that time as well.  These types of renovations are typically done in as little as one day, and cost much less than traditional remodeling.

Another approach would be to first take care of the tub/shower area, and when your finances permit, replace the vanity, medicine cabinet, countertop, faucets and toilet.  The tub/shower area is the most expensive and time-consuming in a bathroom to update, which is why so many people do them last or not at all.  You need not get in over your head - simply prioritize, and do it one step at a time to suit your needs and budget.  With careful planning, you can take a phased approach to make the entire process easier, while achieving your overall renovation goals.

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