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What services do you provide?

We do complete first class bathroom remodeling excluding new flooring. We can install a new acrylic tub liner and a one-piece wall system, or a new shower base with our one-piece wall system. We can even convert your traditional bathtub into a stand up shower stall with a built in shower seat.

How do you make a tub fit over the old tub?

Bath Fitter has hundreds of pre-fabricated molds of different tub styles, models, and shapes.  We measure your tub, and then match the measurements to the correct mold matching your existing tub so that it fits perfectly over your old tub.

How thick is the acrylic tub?

The liners are made from 1/4" thick acrylic material.

Will this make my tub smaller?

No, it is the exact same size as the inner dimensions. It will just make your tub 1/4 of an inch higher.

Is the tub secured to the old tub?

Yes, there is no gap between the old tub and the tub liner.

Is the bottom of the tub slippery?

No, a non-slip bottom is standard on all tubs and shower bases as well.

Is this a new concept and product to the market?

No, Bath Fitter tubs and wall systems have been installed across North America both residentially and commercially since 1984.

Is the product easy to clean?

Yes, the high gloss acrylic surface is practically maintenance free, just wipe down to clean. No scrubbing is necessary. It is the easiest cleaning surface known today in bathtub products.

Will the product stain?

No, the Bath Fitter product is stain resistant.

Will the product last?

Yes, this is a permanent solution. The Bath Fitter tub liners, shower bases and wall systems have a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years and are backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty covering all materials. Our warranty is valid for as long as the purchaser owns its property (subject to certain limitations - see location for details).

Can your wall system go right up to the ceiling?

Yes, the walls are custom made to go up as high as you wish. They can go right from the tub to the ceiling.

Can your wall system go over my existing tiles?

Yes, you do not have to remove the existing tiles. The beautiful one-piece acrylic wall has no seams in the corners and goes directly over your existing tiles.

We have the same tile walls in our bathroom that go waist high around the entire room. What can you do about the walls outside the tub area? Will we have to remove the tile on those walls?

No, we have acrylic walls that have the tile design that we can install right over the walls that go around the room that will compliment the entire bathroom.

We have some loose, wet, and damaged tiles. Will you leave them on the walls?

No, we will remove any wet, loose or damaged tiles, and if the sheetrock behind the tiles is wet or damaged, we will remove and replace them before we install the new one-piece acrylic wall system.

Our ceiling over our bathtub is flaky and it continually needs to be painted. Can you do anything about that problem?

Yes, we also have two styles of ceilings which we can install above your tub and shower area which will eliminate the need to repaint your ceiling.

Our shower base is an odd size; will you have a shower base for this?

Yes, we custom mold our shower bases so we can fit most any size. We even have corner neo-angle shower bases.

We have an elderly parent who cannot get into the bathtub any longer. Do you have a solution for this problem?

Yes, we can remove your existing bathtub and replace it with a stand up shower stall. We can install it into the exact size of the opening where we remove the tub, so that we are not building interior walls. We also tie this into the existing drain.

We only have one bathroom, so if we remove the existing tub and convert it into a stand up shower will we be without a place to bath or shower for very long?

No, the process  of removing a tub and converting it into a stand up shower stall normally only takes AS LITTLE AS ONE DAY!  Then you can use it the next day.

We have a one-piece fiberglass tub. Can you put a Bath Fitter tub liner over this unit?

No, we cannot install our tub liner over a one-piece fiberglass tub, but we do have a solution for this situation. We remove the fiberglass tub and install a Bath Fitter tub with our one-piece wall system in its place. This process will take AS LITTLE AS ONE DAY and you can use it the next day.

We have very old plumbing fixtures in our tub and they leak. Can you take care of this?

Yes, we can change out your plumbing fixture to a single handle, non scalding pressure balanced plumbing fixture. We have a complete selection of choices.

We have old shower doors. Do you install shower doors?

Yes, we have a full line of shower doors. We have framed or frameless, with different finishes on the glass.

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